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How to Browse our inventory as well as pick your favorite patterns and styles.  You can comment on them even if its not your size we can try and help you out.  

One easy ways to shop are joining our Facebook group by clicking here. If you go to Photos and Albums you can browse in stock items.  If you would like to purchase or want more info on an item you can message me or comment on the item. This group is also where you can watch our weekly live sales.  Join in on one and you can comment in real time.  You can also watch replays of past live sales.  I can then walk you through how to register check out.  (There is also instructions on the page on how to do this.

You can also Browse our online store by clicking here.  You can sort by style and size as well as comment on them there as well.  In the online store there is directions on how to purchase (its super easy) and we will email you an invoice and promptly ship or deliver items right to your door.

If you see somthing you would like to purchase and are not comfortable buying online you can also contact me directly and I can take credit cards over the phone as well as cash for locals.  

My email is

Phone numer for voice or text is (607) 354-1133

Facebook message me at

We are working on more ways you can stay updated as well as shop.  Hints and photos are on our facebook page and group.